Outdoor Swing Glider Chair, Superjare 48″ Patio Bench for 2 Person, Garden Rocking Seating – Dark Gray 30101H

Bullet Points: 

– THE PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR GARDEN, BALCONY, OR PATIO! If you want a final touch to your gorgeous garden, backyard, balcony, or patio, this fantastic chair will do the trick. Plus, it’s not just a decorative addition to look at, but rather a useful piece of furniture that both you and your guests will be fond of!
– KICK BACK & ENJOY THE MOMENT! There is no better way to blow off some steam after a tiring day, than getting a nice cup of coffee or cocoa, along with your favorite magazine or book, and sitting comfortably on your new glide chair. Close your eyes enjoy the gentle gliding motion and all your stress will simply melt away!
– EVERYONE LOVES A GREAT SWING CHAIR! Children and adults, men and women, every member of your family, and your friends; don’t be surprised if they start taking turns on it! Thankfully it was designed so that two people can sit comfortably on it (size: 48 ½”L x 28”W x 34 ¼”H) and can take up to 400 lbs (180 kgs) of weight – so sit away without worrying!
– IT FEARS NEITHER AGE NOR HEAT! The airy, textilene mesh provides excellent ventilation during the warm summer months. What’s more, the sturdy, extra thickened metal frame ensures longevity, along with resistance against high temperatures, UV rays, and time; in other words, this chair will be with you for many years to come!
– ENJOY DREAMY GENTLE SWINGING! Sit down comfortably and feel the smooth, gentle backward and forward motion of this exquisite chair. No rough rocking back and forth; just a soft gliding like a breeze; the perfect gift for you, your significant other, or your loved ones!

Product Description: 

An Necessary Relaxing Chair For Any House!

Set up this chair on your house and make your weekend even better! Sip your tea or night cocktails with your friends, knit, or watch your kids smiling widely as they slowly swing back and forth on it! Don’t be afraid, as it can hold up to two adults when fully assembled; so glide away freely!